Women Empowerment Program “Wanita Bangkit” Receives RM2 Million Boost from Ministry

The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has allocated more than RM2 million for the Wanita Bangkit program, which aims to uplift women from poverty by providing financial aid and guidance for business startup. Minister Nancy Shukri highlighted the program’s success, with thousands of participants benefiting, and emphasized its role in enhancing women’s financial independence and fostering self-confidence for greater contributions to families, communities, and the nation.

7 August 2023 – The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has allocated a substantial fund of over RM2 million to facilitate the Wanita Bangkit program, which aims to empower women to overcome poverty and improve their livelihoods. Minister Nancy Shukri shared that, since its inception in January, the program has successfully assisted 6,651 participants who faced income disruptions.

The heart of the program lies in its comprehensive approach, which combines guidance with direct financial support. Each participant receives a cash aid of RM500, strategically deposited into their bank accounts to serve as startup capital for their business endeavors. Following this financial assistance, volunteers closely monitor participants’ progress over a three-month period, evaluating the program’s efficacy in boosting their income through entrepreneurial initiatives.

Nancy Shukri underscored the impact of the program on a regional scale. She revealed that the Wanita Bangkit initiative has already executed 11 successful programs in Sarawak, positively benefiting 4,823 participants. She further added that the program’s reach will expand to Limbang, underscoring the ministry’s dedication to fostering women’s empowerment across diverse regions.

The Wanita Bangkit program is fundamentally designed to enable women to attain self-reliance and achieve their full potential. By offering them a platform to initiate businesses and ventures, the program seeks to bolster self-confidence and stimulate financial growth. The ultimate objective is to empower women to contribute to the betterment of their families, communities, and the nation as a whole.

Author: Terry KS

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