WhatsApp Introduces View Once for Voice Messages to Safeguard Sensitive Information

WhatsApp has expanded its privacy features by introducing View Once for voice messages, allowing users to send messages that disappear after being listened to. This enhancement, consistent with the platform’s commitment to user privacy, adds an extra layer of security for sharing sensitive information via voice messages.

11 December 2023 – WhatsApp, a leading messaging platform, has expanded its privacy features by introducing View Once for voice messages, following the successful launch of the feature for photos and videos in 2021. This enhancement provides users with an additional layer of privacy, allowing them to send voice messages that automatically disappear after being listened to, ensuring sensitive information remains secure.

Whether it’s sharing credit card details with a friend or planning a surprise, users can now convey confidential information with added peace of mind through View Once voice messages. Consistent with the approach taken with View Once photos and videos, these voice messages are prominently marked with the “one-time” icon, signifying that they can only be played once.

WhatsApp remains committed to safeguarding user privacy, applying end-to-end encryption by default to all personal messages. The introduction of View Once for voice messages aligns with WhatsApp’s ongoing dedication to privacy innovation, offering users an additional tool to control the visibility and longevity of their shared content.

The global rollout of View Once voice messages is set to take place over the coming days, and user feedback is eagerly anticipated.

Author: Terry KS

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