VMware Partners with AMD, Samsung, and RISC-V Community to Simplify Confidential Computing Applications at Confidential Computing Summit 2023

VMware, in collaboration with AMD, Samsung, and the RISC-V Keystone community, is simplifying the development and operations of confidential computing applications through their joint efforts on the Certifier Framework for Confidential Computing project. This open-source initiative aims to standardize and streamline the adoption of confidential computing, enabling secure multi-cloud deployments and protecting sensitive data in emerging workloads like machine learning.

SINGAPORE, 30 June 2023 – In collaboration with the Confidential Computing Summit 2023, VMware, Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with AMD, Samsung, and members of the RISC-V Keystone community to streamline the development and operations of confidential computing applications. Together, these industry leaders will contribute to the open-source Certifier Framework for Confidential Computing project, aiming to facilitate the adoption of practical confidential computing solutions.

Confidential computing, based on the concept of trusted execution environments, ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data and programs even when deployed in third-party infrastructures such as the cloud or edge. To promote widespread adoption, VMware has conducted extensive research and development, resulting in the creation of the Certifier Framework for Confidential Computing project. This developer-focused framework establishes a platform-independent API, simplifying the creation and management of confidential computing applications.

The collaborative efforts of AMD, Samsung, and VMware in advancing the Certifier Framework will set industry standards for developer APIs, driving the broader adoption of confidential computing across the x86, Arm, and RISC-V ecosystems. The framework’s implementation will enhance security measures for multi-cloud deployments, machine learning workloads, and protect intellectual property and sensitive data.

Kit Colbert, CTO at VMware, stated, “Confidential Computing has the potential to secure workloads no matter where they run, including multi-cloud and edge settings. The collective efforts of the growing ecosystem of contributors to Certifier Framework will help bring those benefits to bear, enabling customers to use this emerging technology more easily and effectively.”

At the Confidential Computing Summit 2023, VMware and contributors to the Certifier Framework project will showcase demonstrations of client/cloud confidential computing, highlighting machine learning use cases. These demonstrations will illustrate “universal” client-cloud trust management across various trusted execution environments, including AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization-Secure Nested Paging (SEV-SNP), SGX, CCA, and RISC-V.

Author: Terry KS

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