Updated Android and iOS Versions of Kaspersky Security for Mobile Are Available

Oct 8, 2013 (Tue): Kaspersky Lab announces the release of its updated versions of Kaspersky Security for Mobile on Android and iOS platforms. This is the latest version of its application to protect and manage corporate mobile devices. Client applications are now available in Google Play and Apple App Store. The updated versions offer enhanced performance and include several useful new functions, such as notifications when employees enter roaming, automatic Wi-Fi profiles for Android, etc.

Kaspersky Security for Mobile is an advanced solution developed to protect and manage corporate mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. The solution can quickly and safely integrate employees’ personal devices into the corporate network, to reliably protect confidential information stored on them and to remotely block the device and wipe any sensitive data in case of loss or theft.

The new versions of the client applications for iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets have been improved and their functionality has been extended.

In particular, these applications are now available in Google Play and Apple App Store, enabling them to be updated centrally and automatically on employee devices using the update systems built into iOS and Android. In turn, employees can connect to the corporate network and download and install Kaspersky Security for Mobile from a familiar source.

One additional feature of the application for Android is a notification function whenever an employee enters roaming. Whenever a smartphone or tablet protected by Kaspersky Security for Mobile registers on a guest cellular network, Kaspersky Lab’s solution alerts the administrator and it appears on the Kaspersky Security Center management console. The system administrator or another person in charge can impose money-saving measures on the company’s behalf, reducing sync times or selecting better-value tariffs, etc.

Now the Android version of Kaspersky Security for Mobile is also capable of automatically configuring access to the corporate Wi-Fi network. Previously this function was only available for iOS. Now employees who use the Android-based devices will automatically receive the necessary settings while entering the corporate Wi-Fi network – the network name and password. Automatizing this function allows the companies to speed up and simplify the process of integration to the corporate network, to reduce the number of requests to the technical support service and to generally save the IT department costs.

On both platforms Kaspersky Security for Mobile also integrates a new system of recovering passwords for encrypted containers, allowing the system administrator to help employees restore lost or stolen passwords. The mechanisms separating personal and corporate information contained on employees’ devices have been significantly improved, providing even higher levels of protection for confidential corporate data.

“In the updated version of Kaspersky Security for Mobile we tried to extend the functionality of the solution as far as possible, and make the solution simpler to use. Now it is easier to install and update the program, while the roaming notification function offers more effective control over mobile communication tariffs and will reduce the company’s costs,” said Nikolay Grebennikov, Chief Technology Officer at Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Security for Mobile is available both as part of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, a comprehensive security solution developed to protect corporate IT infrastructure, and as a standalone solution which can be integrated into the corporate network regardless of other protection products. More detailed information about this and other Kaspersky Lab products for business is available on the company’s web site http://www.kaspersky.com/business-security.

Author: Terry KS

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