Tuttnauer Enhances Medical Device Security with Check Point® Quantum IoT Nano Agent® Integration

Tuttnauer partners with Check Point® to integrate Quantum IoT Nano Agent® into its medical device software, enhancing cybersecurity and ensuring uninterrupted healthcare services. This collaboration reinforces Tuttnauer’s commitment to device safety and regulatory compliance while bolstering trust within the healthcare industry.

19 April 2024 – Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of AI-powered, cloud-delivered cybersecurity solutions, announces its collaboration with Tuttnauer, a global pioneer in sterilization and infection control equipment, to bolster cybersecurity in medical and laboratory sterilization devices. Tuttnauer’s innovative software, T-Connect, now integrates Check Point Quantum IoT Nano Agent®, ensuring comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats.

As malicious actors increasingly target the healthcare sector, Tuttnauer recognizes the critical importance of safeguarding medical devices to protect patient data and ensure safety. Leveraging Check Point’s expertise, Tuttnauer embeds Quantum IoT Nano Agent® into its device software, delivering end-to-end security for its advanced sterilization devices used in medical and laboratory settings.

Tuttnauer’s reputation as a leader in medical manufacturing stems from its dedication to quality and innovation. With over 95 years of experience, Tuttnauer’s autoclave devices equipped with intelligent capabilities serve a vast array of healthcare facilities worldwide. These devices, managed through the secure SaaS portal T-Connect, offer real-time monitoring and maintenance, revolutionizing healthcare delivery while adhering to stringent regulatory standards.

The integration of Check Point’s cybersecurity solution fortifies Tuttnauer’s commitment to device security, ensuring uninterrupted healthcare services while meeting regulatory requirements. Quantum IoT Nano Agent® provides real-time protection against emerging threats, seamlessly integrating into Tuttnauer’s devices without compromising performance.

Shlomi Sivia, Head of Software at Tuttnauer, affirms the significance of this partnership: “Cybersecurity is paramount for protecting our devices and maintaining business continuity. Our collaboration with Check Point underscores our commitment to top-notch security standards, reinforcing trust in our devices within the healthcare industry.”

Key benefits of Tuttnauer’s adoption of Check Point’s cybersecurity solution include:

  1. Real-time Protection Against Cyber Threats: Quantum IoT Nano Agent® offers immediate defense against both known and novel threats, ensuring Tuttnauer’s devices operate reliably without disruptions to healthcare services.
  2. Seamless Integration and Compliance: The collaboration results in a comprehensive solution compliant with global regulations, including FDA and European CE standards, enabling Tuttnauer to fulfill diverse regulatory requirements seamlessly.
  3. Enhanced Business Continuity and Trust: By prioritizing device safety, Tuttnauer bolsters customer trust and product value, eliminating the need for frequent re-certification and facilitating smooth business operations.
  4. Scalability and Market Positioning: This partnership not only addresses current security concerns but also positions Tuttnauer for future challenges, enhancing its market position and readiness for global regulatory compliance.

In an era of heightened cybersecurity threats, Tuttnauer’s collaboration with Check Point represents a proactive approach to safeguarding critical healthcare infrastructure, ensuring patient privacy, data integrity, and the uninterrupted delivery of essential medical services.

For more information on Tuttnauer’s cybersecurity measures and Check Point’s Quantum IoT Nano Agent®, visit their respective websites.

Author: Terry KS

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