Treasure Global’s ZCITY Revolutionizes Live Commerce on Meta, Redefining E-commerce Innovation Globally

Treasure Global announces its pioneering move into live commerce on Meta Platforms through ZCITY, following its success on TikTok. With a focus on AI-human interaction and a diverse product showcase, the company aims to tap into Meta’s vast user base and global market potential.

11 January 2024 – Treasure Global Inc, a forward-thinking technology solutions provider, proudly announces its latest milestone in live commerce through ZCITY, its innovative e-commerce subsidiary. Leveraging Meta as the platform for its upcoming live commerce event, the company remains at the forefront of innovation in the digital landscape. ZCITY’s live commerce endeavors on platforms like Meta and TikTok are poised to unlock additional revenue streams for the company.

Revolutionizing Live Commerce with Meta:

Expanding on ZCITY’s groundbreaking achievement as the first Malaysian business to conduct a live commerce session on TikTok, coupled with an innovative pairing of a human host and an artificial intelligence (AI) robot host, Treasure Global introduces a similar breakthrough on Meta Platforms. The AI robot, equipped with advanced language capabilities, will interact with thousands of viewers in multiple languages, transcending language barriers and enriching accessibility.

Live Commerce: A Lucrative Market Landscape:

Beyond being a trend, live commerce represents a lucrative market reshaping the future of e-commerce. With Malaysia’s e-commerce market projected to reach US$20.93 billion by 2029, TGL strategically positions itself to tap into this exponential growth.

Global Success Stories and Meta Live Commerce:

Top global brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Kiehl’s, and Coach have successfully integrated live commerce into their marketing strategies. Caterpillar Technology Sdn Bhd, TGL’s strategic partner, has achieved notable success, reaching RM1 million in sales during live commerce sessions. With the upcoming event on Meta Platforms, TGL aims to showcase products, engage a global audience, and drive revenue growth.

Caterpillar Tech’s Integration and Diverse Product Showcase:

The integration of Caterpillar Technology, boasting a robust outbound capacity, provides efficient live commerce operations. ZCITY’s live commerce event will feature a diverse range of products sourced from China’s 24×7 live commerce mall, demonstrating a commitment to a groundbreaking, cross-border shopping experience.

Tapping into Meta Live Commerce Market Size:

With this strategic move into Meta Platforms, TGL positions itself to tap into the vast market size of Meta Live Commerce, reaching millions of active users and presenting an unparalleled opportunity for global engagement.

Sam Teo, Chief Executive Officer of Treasure Global, expressed, “Today marks a historic moment not only for Treasure Global and ZCITY but for the entire e-commerce industry. Our AI-human hosted live commerce sessions have surpassed expectations, showcasing the immense potential of innovative technology in reshaping the way consumers interact with brands to enhance the shopping experience. This success underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and redefining the future of e-commerce.”

Author: Terry KS

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