The ‘Secret’ behind the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines Listing is always a big topic among all the marketers. Put it in as a simple context, you know your access databases where you store your client list? It’s just like one of them, but it covering billions of pages of Web Listing, all Search Engines need to do….just to get them out when someone is looking for them.

The Search Engines is actually asking you or your prospects what you are looking for. Your answer is simply that you type in the “Search Box”.

There are 2 types of Search Engines : –

  1. Meta Search Engines basically rely on the content of other search engines. Their existence is based on their ability to query a number of sources at one time for the same query, thereby returning a wide range of results, even though they do not hold their own index.
  2. Crawler-Based Search Engines are the type that do hold their own indexes, or databases. They have programs that know how to automatically surf the web, and know what information to pick up. This information is then automatically inserted into their index and becomes available to be found.

So basically, a search engine is a tools or application that puts surfers or reader in touch with the content they are seeking using a system of keywords.

There is, of course, more to it than just keywords which we have to look into multiple policies implemented by Search Engine itself and how their technology being built and as it evolve into the most “user intelligent”engines.

by Edward Chong (

Author: Terry KS

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