The first PUBG MOBILE Pro League MY/SG Season 4: Golden Bullet Award in collaboration with MDEC & eGG Network in MYDCF 2021

Building on the excitement from the PUBG MOBILE PRO LEAGUE MY/SG SEASON 4 (PMPL MY/SG S4) where Geek Fam was crowned Champion, PUBG MOBILE Esports is launching its first-ever awards show, the PMPL MY/SG S4: Golden Bullet Awards in collaboration with MDEC and eGG Network. Happening at the MYCDF 2021 on 1st – 30th November 2021, PUBG MOBILE fans can vote for their favourite nominees from now till 12 November 2021 at MYDCF 2021 cyber world.

Aiming to honour the greatness and creativity of players, teams, and talents in the PUBG MOBILE esports scene, the Golden Bullet Awards will recognise a wide range of categories, featuring the best players and talents in the recent PMPL MY/SG S4. In addition to official recognition by PUBG MOBILE Esports, each winner will receive a Golden Bullet Trophy Award.

“During these challenging times, we have witnessed tremendous growth of the local esports industry, thanks to the opportunity it provided for our fans to stay excited and connected. This was demonstrated by the success of PMPL MY/SG Season 3 & 4. With over 36 days of competition and 13,000,000+ watch hours, we saw the local esports community come together in excitement and camaraderie. As such, we want to continue the excitement for our fans by participating as a Legendary Partner in MYDCF 2021, in collaboration with MDEC. As the only game in the Legendary category, fans will be able to take part in the Golden Bullet Award and vote for their favorite talents, players and teams and experience the PUBG MOBILE booth.” said Oliver Ye, Director of PUBG MOBILE SEA.

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“MDEC would like to engage with youth and communities, in our continuous support for digital content. And for that, we thank PUBG MOBILE for their involvement with MYDCF and their continuous support and effort to rally the gaming community with events and activities like the Golden Bullet Awards and various esports initiatives,” said Gopi Ganesalingam, MDEC’s Chief Digital Industry Officer (CDIO).

The list of category and nominees for PMPL MY/SG S4 Golden Bullet Award are:

Award Category Nominees
Most Valuable Player GeekDamRude TSiSh0tzMX YoodoLexALL AIGiZaneR2K RSGRex
Best Support 4RivalsPEMBURU GEEKŠnipesMVP AxisKacang5usu TSMADTOIMX S9Hahaman
Best Scouter GEEKQb EvosVipInSomns S9HahaBrav01 SMGJennyUM TSJumper01MX
Best Ingame Leader GEEKDamRUDE AxisVOKEYOP 4RivalsAppy TSMADTOIMX S9Hahaman
Best Fragger GEEKDamRUDE TSKiD5MX AxisMicaOP S9Hahadep AIGiZaneR2K
Best Sniper TSiSh0tz TBHxAdukaNSEA S9HahaDraxx AIGZykzR2K EvosVipRaZor
Best Performance Team Team Secret Geekfam SEM9.Gank Team SMG 4Rivals
Best Duo Talent Jhunter & OTG Emi & Soultann Topcast & Kyrul Qontra & Keith Lee Chuchu & Sir Cloud
Rising Talent Tash Bunny Sis Jenny Keith Lee Kyrul Top Cast

PUBG MOBILE fans can participate in MYDCF 2021 to vote for their favorite teams, talents and  players. To participate in MYDCF 2021, PUBG MOBILE fans can visit  to sign up and experience MYDCF 2021 anywhere through phone and PC.

The final results for PMPL MY/SG S4: Golden Bullet Awards will be unveiled during the official live stream on PUBG MOBILE Malaysia’s official Facebook and Youtube channels, as well as eGG Network channel (Astro CH800) on 28th November 2021 from 5PM to 6PM.

PMPL MY/SG S4 Golden Bullet Award is hosted by PUBG MOBILE in collaboration with MDEC and eGG Network, for bringing this exciting Award in MyDCF 2021 to Malaysia and Singapore.

2 November 2021

Author: Terry KS

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