The Common Practices Required on Ecommerce Sites

People say they shop online because it’s easy, cheaper and more convenient. There are more than million Ecommerce sites worldwide and how to get your customer to buy from your site instead of from your competitors’ shop? A great online shopping experience to the customer is very important to make them to revisit your site in future. Here are some good tips in Ecommerce site design that the online merchant should practice:

1. Use font size of 12 point or larger
Small font creates difficulty in navigation especially for customers who access your site via mobile devices. Remember mobile shopping is on the rise. More and more people will shop online via their mobile devices. Difficulty in site navigation will make them abandon your site easily.

2. Good Graphic Design
Please remember don’t make ugly website. The presentation of a website may represent the service quality given by the online store to the customer. Will you buy groceries from a brick-and-mortar retail shop which is dirty and smelly? Good design will increase the website likability and credibility so does the likelihood of purchasing from the site.

Trendy design

3. No Broken Link and Missing Image
These mistakes make your site look unprofessional and decrease the website likability and credibility. Store owners need to diligently test and retest to make sure that everything on the site works.

4. Reachable Customer Service
Remember to place your contact information or contact form obviously in every page, to ensure the consumer can contact you easily when they are having a problem or enquiry. Of course, they are expecting to hear from you as soon as possible. Late reply will decrease the credibility of your online store.

Customer Service on top of the page

5. Search Function
Remember the first thing I mentioned in this article? Convenience makes people to shop online. A search function able to help the consumers to search the products they are looking for easily and faster.

The search function is highlighted

6. Offer Guest Checkout
Some shoppers do not like to register an account with the online merchant and will abandon the cart if the cart forces them to register before to make a purchase. Just let them to check out as a guest, as an option in your shopping cart.

Shopper can choose either register as an account or checkout as guest

7. Avoid typographical errors
This mistake also will decrease the credibility of the online store. Please check your spelling or grammar.

Author: Terry KS

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