Telegram Founder Pavel Durov Forecasts Rapid Growth Towards One Billion Users

Telegram founder Pavel Durov predicts the messaging app’s user base will soon exceed one billion, emphasizing its neutrality amidst geopolitical pressure and scrutiny. Despite challenges, including allegations of Russian influence, Durov remains committed to Telegram’s role as a platform for diverse communication.

17 April 2024 – Pavel Durov, the billionaire behind Telegram, anticipates the messaging app will soon surpass one billion monthly active users, likening its expansion to a “forest fire.” Despite facing scrutiny and pressure from governments, Durov emphasizes Telegram’s commitment to neutrality and its role as a platform for communication, distancing itself from geopolitics.

In a recent interview, Durov revealed Telegram’s impressive growth trajectory, with 900 million active users already on board. Despite challenges, including allegations of Russian influence and scrutiny from U.S. security agencies, Durov remains steadfast in his commitment to maintaining Telegram as a neutral platform for diverse voices. – ref: Reuters

Author: Terry KS

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