Tech Titans Join Forces with NCS to Drive Digital Innovation and Cybersecurity Solutions Globally

NCS has forged seven transformative partnerships with tech giants, including Dell Technologies, Mandiant, and Visa, to drive digital innovation and cybersecurity solutions globally. These collaborations aim to empower governments and enterprises to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence.

7 September 2023 – NCS, a prominent player in digital services and solutions, has unveiled seven game-changing partnerships with industry leaders like Dell Technologies, Mandiant, and Visa. These strategic alliances, along with collaborations with AI Singapore, Assurity Trusted Solutions, Globe Group (Philippines), and the Singapore Institute of Directors, aim to leverage collective expertise and NCS’s end-to-end tech services. The goal is to empower governments and enterprises worldwide to navigate the complex digital landscape confidently while harnessing cutting-edge technologies.

The announcement of these influential partnerships came during the inaugural NCS Impact forum, where over 1,000 key decision-makers and experts from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region gathered.

Ng Kuo Pin, CEO of NCS, emphasized that today’s world presents multifaceted challenges, including geopolitical tensions, technological shifts, and evolving work dynamics. In response, he stressed the importance of collaborative efforts to harness technology effectively and create a safer, more empowered, and collaborative future.

“We believe collaboration is the way everyone can harness technology more confidently to achieve the outcomes we want. Through our partnerships with global and leading players to harness AI, Metaverse, Digital Trust, and other technologies, clients can tap into NCS’s expanded capabilities and networks for advanced and comprehensive solutions,” said Kuo Pin.

Author: Terry KS

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