Survey found almost half of businesses implementing encryption technology

According to the survey conducted by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab in July 2012 among 3,300 senior IT professionals from 22 countries, 44 per cent of companies have implemented encryption technology to protect their critical data.

However, most companies have still not fully introduced encryption. 36 per cent of them use full disk encryption (also known as encryption of information arrays) and 32 per cent use data encryption on external devices such as USB drives.

Last year, the similar survey found the encryption is the fifth most widespread protection technique and in effect, encryption is the final defensive barrier: even after a criminal has successfully forced his way into the company’s IT infrastructure, this last hurdle makes it extremely difficult to get access to important information.
Encryption of highly critical data ranks second among the security measures which companies want to develop, with only protection against malware scoring higher. At the same time, companies are facing difficulties in implementing encryption systems, which are notably absent from the top five protection measures used. These results show that companies require modern systems of information protection, which are both effective and simple to implement.

by Terry Brown

Author: Terry KS

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