Start-ups Combine Forces to Launch An Internships Aggregator

Mar 4, 2014 (Tue): Local start-ups join forces in the announcement of the launch of project Launchpad, an internship aggregator that was initiated by iMoney, Malaysia’s leading comparison website.

Launchpad, available at aims to provide students and fresh graduates access to information on the best internships offered by the start-up sector in Asia.

Working in a start-up in the world’s fastest growing economic region, will provide immense opportunities for students to get first-hand experience and discover their real strengths and weaknesses.

Though recruitment has never been iMoney’s core business focus, Launchpad was created as a social project to help students – the same community that helped the company grow in its early days – match their skills to the right jobs.

“As a company built with the help of interns from around the world, we understand the difficulties students face in finding an internship position that will expose them to a myriad of opportunities and experiences,” said Lee Ching Wei, group CEO and co-founder of iMoney.

“We made it our ‘extra-curricular’ project to create Launchpad, with the help of other start-ups, universities, and partners to spread the word to reach more students.”

With Launchpad, the Malaysian startup community is jumping on board to be a part of the community project – making it a collaborative social effort that is rarely seen these days.

“Cradle is pleased to support this noble effort by iMoney and we hope it will be a great tool to those seeking internship placements. We see this as a stepping stone for them to acquire knowledge, gain work experience and hopefully gather the start-up spirit too.We believe that by gaining work experience in a startup environment, interns will take with them the right attitude and skills that will help chart a brighter future,” said Hazel Hassan, Cradle vice-president of marketing and strategic partnerships.

“We recognise the value of Launchpad and EASYUNI, as a socially responsible company, decided to jump in to spread the word to universities and higher institutions to direct students to the right career,” said Edwin Tay, CEO of EASYUNI, adding that students are exposed to more responsibilities and learning experiences in a start-up environment.

To ensure the project benefits students globally, iMoney has forged partnerships with Cradle, MoneyTree, EASYUNI, Piktochart, Proficeo, Startup@Mamak, Startup Malaysia, Softspace, Focus Malaysia and Endeavor to promote the project in various higher institutions.

Author: Terry KS

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