SK Telecom and Intel Team Up To Develop More Advanced Services for Mobile Users

Oct 4, 2013 (Fri): South Korean telco SK Telecom on Tuesday announced that the company has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Intel for the development of vRAN, a next-generation intelligent base stations aimed to deliver better quality and more advanced services to users of mobile devices.

The vRAN technology is one of the innovations that SK Telecom drives for re-designing the structure of the next-generation base station. It is a new type of base station that applies the IT virtualization technology based on the universal hardware such as computer CPUs, and loads all functions in the form of software on the hardware. In other words, like installing and deleting applications in computers, it is able to deploy and delete the base station software that provides a variety of communication functions and intelligent services more easily. Also, it provides more scalability by applying standard interfaces to base station functions.

Author: Terry KS

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