Singaporean Consumers Call for Sustainability Information on E-commerce Platforms

Over 50% of Singaporean consumers are demanding that e-commerce platforms provide information about the sustainability of products they offer, with 52% specifically requesting filters or separate categories for sustainable products, according to a study by People’s Movement to Stop Haze (PM.Haze). The study highlighted the importance of sustainability information, as 87% of consumers consider it vital for their purchasing decisions, while 61% prefer products with sustainability information listed.

15 September 2023 – A recent study conducted by the People’s Movement to Stop Haze (PM.Haze) has unveiled a strong desire among Singaporean consumers for e-commerce platforms to provide information about the sustainability of products they offer. According to the findings, more than half (52%) of consumers surveyed expressed a specific interest in e-commerce platforms implementing filters or creating distinct categories for sustainable products, simplifying the process of identifying eco-friendly choices.

The research highlighted that several popular platforms, including Cold Storage, Sheng Shiong, FoodPanda, Fairprice, and RedMart, currently lack adequate information about sustainability certifications and dedicated categorizations for sustainable products. PM.Haze emphasized the significance of this data, as a substantial majority of consumers (87%) consider sustainability information vital when making their purchasing decisions. Additionally, a majority of online shoppers (61%) have a preference for products that come with clear sustainability information.

PM.Haze asserted, “Access to product sustainability information is critical in allowing consumers to make informed decisions of their purchases.” The non-profit organization further emphasized that brands and businesses operating in high-impact sectors have a responsibility to provide accurate and easily comprehensible sustainability information. Ultimately, making such information readily available will contribute to promoting sustainable consumption among consumers.

The study’s results underscore a growing awareness and concern among Singaporean consumers regarding the environmental impact of their purchases. E-commerce platforms and retailers are urged to respond to this demand by incorporating sustainability information into their product listings, enabling consumers to make more environmentally conscious choices. – reference: SBR

Author: Terry KS

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