Shopee Unveils Insights into Gen Z Shopping Trends and Introduces Enhanced E-commerce Features

Shopee’s study on Gen Z shopping behaviors highlights the growing reliance on e-commerce platforms among this demographic in Southeast Asia, prompting the platform to introduce new features and services to enhance the shopping experience.

20 March 2024 – Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, unveiled the results of its latest study on the shopping behaviors of Generation Z (Gen Z) consumers. The study, conducted by Kantar’s Profiles division, surveyed over 2,400 shoppers across the region, offering valuable insights into the preferences and habits of this demographic group.

According to the findings, nearly 70% of Gen Z consumers in Southeast Asia view e-commerce platforms as crucial entry points for their shopping journey. These platforms serve as the primary destination for research, with shoppers relying on them to explore product options and gather information before making a purchase. Despite the availability of alternative channels for product discovery, a significant majority (73%) of Gen Z respondents ultimately complete their purchases on e-commerce platforms.

Interestingly, the study also revealed that a majority of Gen Z consumers who initially engage with social commerce platforms for research purposes ultimately prefer returning to e-commerce platforms to finalize their transactions. This trend underscores the importance of e-commerce platforms in providing a seamless and reliable shopping experience for this demographic.

Several factors contribute to Gen Z’s preference for e-commerce platforms, including the wide selection of products, product quality, and convenient payment methods. Moreover, the study found that Gen Z shoppers are willing to invest time in researching their purchases, with one in three respondents spending at least five days exploring various aspects such as product reviews, features, specifications, and pricing information.

In response to these evolving shopping behaviors, Shopee announced a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing the shopping experience for Gen Z consumers. These include the introduction of next-day delivery and instant delivery services in selected markets, as well as an expanded return policy to allow for Change of Mind (COM) for more products and items. Additionally, Shopee unveiled Shopee Video, a new feature that enables shoppers to follow and watch their favorite creators, catering to the increasing demand for engaging and entertaining shopping experiences.

Ian Ho, Vice President of Shopee, emphasized the platform’s commitment to innovation and enhancing the shopping experience for its users. He highlighted the importance of providing a seamless, reliable, and integrated shopping experience, tailored to meet the evolving needs of Gen Z consumers in Southeast Asia.

In addition to these consumer-centric initiatives, Shopee also announced plans to roll out its Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payment option for shoppers. This offering, powered by Shopee and SeaMoney, Sea’s digital payments arm, aims to provide users with greater flexibility and convenience in their payment options.

Overall, Shopee’s study on Gen Z shopping behaviors provides valuable insights into the preferences and habits of this demographic group, guiding the platform’s efforts to continually innovate and enhance the shopping experience for its users in Southeast Asia.

Author: Terry KS

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