Shopee Malaysia’s Affiliates Optimistic About 2024 E-commerce Opportunities: Embracing Human-Centric Content and Local Business Support

Shopee Malaysia’s “Championing Inclusive Commerce 2024” study reveals a 90% positive outlook among affiliates, emphasizing a shift toward human-centric content, authentic engagements, and strong support for local businesses.

31 January 2024 – Shopee Malaysia has recently unveiled the results of its “Championing Inclusive Commerce 2024” study, conducted among over 3,000 Shopee Affiliates. The findings indicate a remarkable 90% positivity among affiliates for their e-commerce prospects in 2024, with an emphasis on humanizing the online shopping experience through increased personalization, authentic content creation, and support for local businesses.

The study showcases a growing trend among Shopee Affiliates to prioritize the creation of human-centric content. Three-quarters of affiliates express enthusiasm for developing more personalized content, focusing on authentic engagements and interactive livestreams. Shopee Affiliates are keen to establish genuine connections with their audience, emphasizing relatable stories and experiences over perfectly polished posts.

Notably, 94% of Shopee Affiliates anticipate increased user engagement through authentic content and interactive livestreams, highlighting a significant shift in audience behavior. The study underscores the affiliates’ commitment to bridge the gap between Shopee buyers and sellers by fostering authentic connections in the digital space.

Support for local businesses is a central theme, as 100% of surveyed affiliates aspire to drive more traffic to local sellers in 2024. Collaboration with local sellers aligned with the affiliates’ values reflects a broader commitment to championing Made-in-Malaysia products and contributing to the nation’s vibrant digital economy.

This insightful study is part of Shopee’s thought leadership series, offering data-driven insights into the unique opportunities and trends within the Shopee Affiliate community.

Author: Terry KS

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