Seener Internet Elevates Global Presence with Snuppee Mall Launch in Malaysia

SEENER INTERNET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., valued at $50 million, announces its headquarters relocation to New York, USA, with a strategic focus on the Malaysian market for its flagship “Snuppee” mall APP. The comprehensive e-commerce platform, boasting diverse product categories, aims to capture the Malaysian audience’s attention through tailored marketing strategies. The company plans an extensive expansion in Malaysia from 2023 to 2025, aligning with its goal to become a global leader in e-commerce private domain traffic.

28 November 2023 – In a digital era where the importance of online traffic reigns supreme, SEENER INTERNET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, a renowned e-commerce technology company valued at $50 million, is set to relocate its headquarters to New York, USA, in April 2023. Marking a strategic move, the company’s flagship product, the “Snuppee” mall APP, has made a significant entrance into the Malaysian market, officially launching in April after 8 months of meticulous development and testing.

The “Snuppee” mall APP, a comprehensive e-commerce traffic platform, encompasses various product categories such as fashion, home furnishing, electronics, and beauty. Leveraging its rich product lines and innovative business models, the app has garnered favor among consumers. Operating on a model that earns revenue through traffic fees and advertising for brands and retailers, the “Snuppee” mall APP offers users the unique advantage of purchasing their preferred products at prices below market rates.

Recognizing the deep love and active participation of Malaysian consumers, SEENER INTERNET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. envisions a robust expansion plan in the region. The company plans to establish 30-50 offices in Malaysia from 2023 to 2025, strategically positioning itself to capitalize on the Southeast Asian market’s growth potential. This ambitious move is poised to provide the company with an extended development space and an abundance of business opportunities.

The Malaysian market’s warmth towards the “Snuppee” mall APP has prompted the formulation of tailored marketing strategies by SEENER INTERNET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. These strategies include precise user targeting, an in-depth understanding of consumer needs, and the implementation of innovative marketing methods. Through these initiatives, the company aims to solidify “Snuppee” as a frontrunner in the Malaysian e-commerce private domain traffic landscape.

Looking ahead, SEENER INTERNET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. pledges to maintain an innovative and open-minded approach. The company aims to collaborate closely with global brands and retailers, ensuring the delivery of high-quality goods and services to users worldwide. Simultaneously, the company expresses its commitment to active global expansion, aspiring to establish itself as a leader in mall private traffic on a global scale.

The move into the Malaysian market is seen as a pivotal step in SEENER INTERNET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.’s global strategy. As the “Snuppee” mall APP continues to prioritize the traffic and brand needs of enterprises, the company remains dedicated to optimizing marketing strategies, enhancing the quality of advertising services, and providing businesses with intelligent, efficient, and precise marketing solutions.

Industry observers anticipate a promising future for SEENER INTERNET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. as it navigates the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, demonstrating resilience and innovation in the pursuit of becoming a trailblazer in global private domain traffic within the mall sector.

Author: Terry KS

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