Security of social networking enhanced through collaboration between Kaspersky and Facebook

Users of social networking could be a victim of cyber-crimes when they click on a link shared by a friend which is a Malicious URL. Malicious URLs can automatically share themselves with a victim’s personal contacts without the user’s knowledge, making the links appear legitimate.

Facebook has formed a partnership with Kaspersky Lab, the leading developer of security and threat management solutions, in supplying Facebook with up-to-the-minute data about the latest malicious software threats worldwide, which will be used to protect Facebook users from inadvertently visiting malicious web pages.

When the Facebook users click on a shared link, the link will instantly be compared against Kaspersky Lab’s database of malicious web pages and the users will be immediately notified and blocked from visiting the web page if the link matched as “known-bad” URL in Kaspersky Lab’s database.

Kaspersky believes prevention is the first line of defense against cyber-crimes and a security resource centre was built to share the latest cyber threats and safe online browsing tips at

by Terry Brown

Author: Terry KS

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