PUBG Mobile Brings Back Rich Brian With Summer Rich Event

The PUBG MOBILE event, Summer Rich, continues to bring a spectacular time for players by launching their latest collaboration with Rich Brian in the form of an exclusive outfit, the Rich Brian Aerial Air Max Set. The Rich Brian Aerial Air Max Set will be available now to all players until July 29. With the latest set, the game’s character will turn into Brian and will be able to perform some of his iconic dance moves.

The Summer Rich event started with the Best Partner event where a total of USD 200,000 phone credits will continue to be rewarded until 5 August 2021. Now, the Summer Rich event is expected to turn even hotter with the latest “Catch Me If You Can” event.

To take part in this event, players can enter the PUBG MOBILE game, complete the various missions given and get the “Note” after completing 4 missions. If players successfully unlock 6 missions, they can also get various rewards such as permanent outfits and Supply Crate Coupon Scrap. “Note” is divided into 3 colors, blue, purple and gold notes, where players can collect as many as possible to unlock the rewards. The “Catch Me If You Can” event has started running now and will be available till 2 August 2021.

Along with the launch of Rich Brian’s Aerial Air Max Set as part of the event, PUBG MOBILE offers various rewards in the form of exclusive skins and outfits such as Rap Style permanent outfits and other permanent or exclusive items including outfits, weapons and parachutes.

By exchanging 60 UC, players can unlock Rich Brian Crate which contains various PUBG Mobile x Rich Brian in-game items consisting of: Rich Brian Aerial Air Max Set, Rich Brian Aerial Kar98K weapon skin and Rich Brian Aerial Punk Pan, parachute skin Rich Brian Aerial Punk Parachute, Rich Brian Aerial Punk Plane skin plane and Rich Brian Voice Pack.

“We’ve partnered with international musician Rich Brian before and we’re excited to work with him again to create new and exciting ways for both Brian’s fans and loyal PUBG MOBILE players to enjoy the game. We hope to expand the PUBG MOBILE community in a unique and entertaining way by bringing together the game world with other elements such as music” said Jenny Zhuang, PUBG MOBILE Marketing Manager SEA.

This collaboration with Rich Brian is not the first as the rapper from Indonesia has often collaborated to enliven PUBG Mobile tournament events and stages. Even the launch of his latest song, Sydney, has been dedicated as the theme song for PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2021.

Rich Brian Character

23 July 2021

Author: Terry KS

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