Promoting Transparent AI Usage: Malaysia Explores Regulations for AI Applications

The Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Malaysia is considering regulations to govern AI applications, including labeling AI-generated content. The proposed AI Act will undergo consultations with experts and stakeholders to ensure transparency and responsible AI usage. Additionally, the legislation will focus on data privacy, accountability, cybersecurity, and public awareness about AI to foster a cautious and informed community.

24 July 2023 – The Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Malaysia is exploring the possibility of regulating artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the country. The proposed regulations may include labeling content produced by AI as “AI-generated” or “AI-assisted” to ensure transparency and informed consumption. The move comes as global trends indicate a push for stronger regulations surrounding AI usage, prompting the ministry to draft a Bill in collaboration with experts, legal professionals, stakeholders, and the public.

Minister Chang Lih Kang highlighted the significance of the initiative, citing the widespread use of AI and the need for transparent labeling of material generated by generative AI. By involving technology experts, legal professionals, stakeholders, and the public in the drafting process, the ministry aims to create a robust and relevant framework for regulating AI applications.

The proposed legislation seeks to cover essential aspects such as data privacy and public awareness of AI usage. Transparency, data privacy, accountability, and cybersecurity are some of the key elements that the AI Act in Malaysia may encompass. Additionally, the Act could promote public education about AI and support research and development in the field.

Addressing concerns about possible AI abuse, particularly in elections through misinformation or libellous content, Chang emphasized the necessity for clear regulations to safeguard against such practices. Strong legal frameworks and ethical guidelines for AI usage, including severe penalties for those spreading false information through AI tools, are being considered.

The proposed regulations are not intended to hinder AI technology’s development, as the ministry aims to strike a balance between managing risks and fostering innovation that positively contributes to the economy and society. Advancing research and development in AI and machine learning technologies, promoting ethical guidelines, and countering misinformation and harmful content are also key areas of focus.

As part of the effort to increase public awareness and understanding of AI, the ministry plans to develop resources and launch awareness campaigns. Educating the public about AI, including recognizing AI-generated content and understanding inherent biases, will empower individuals to make informed decisions and participate in discussions about AI rules and guidelines.

In alignment with global efforts, the proposed AI regulations in Malaysia aim to promote responsible AI usage, ensure transparency, and protect against potential risks associated with the technology’s deployment. source – The Star

Author: Terry KS

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