PricePanda: People of Southeast Asia Prefer to Buy Top Gadgets

Mar 11, 2014 (Tue): The price comparison website, PricePanda recently has analyzed the buying behavior of people in Southeast Asia and Latin Americans based on clickouts on PricePanda from 1 Nov 2013 to 27 Feb 2014. The study found people in Southeast Asia buy the top gadgets from leading technology companies while Latin Americans love bigger smartphones from smaller players.

Based on the analysis, Asians seem want to be always up-to-date and busy, buy gadgets that are the current trend, while Latin Americans, known as being relaxed and more about community than technological trends, focus on the basic needs.

PricePanda predicted that smartphones with a screen bigger than 5 inches or known as phablets will become more popular in future and a great demand on new smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6 especially in Asia.

Author: Terry KS

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