Oracle Offers Zero Data Loss Recovery for Database Protection

October 18, 2014 (Sat): Oracle Corporation, the world’s leading ICT solution provider, today announces the availability of Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance as the first appliance ever to deliver zero data loss protection for Oracle Database.

When using today’s solutions to restore a database, businesses typically lose all data generated since the last backup which often can be hours to days of critical data. The Recovery Appliance dramatically reduces the impact of backups on production servers and networks.

Juan Loaiza, senior vice president Oracle Corporation shares that the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance makes a completely new approach to data protection, one that focuses on business availability and not just backups.
“Companies no longer have to worry about losing critical business data or the performance impact of backups on production environments. For the first time, organizations can meet all their critical database protection needs – including real-time protection, end-to-end recovery and centralized control for thousands of databases – with a single system,” says Loaiza.

In addition, the cloud-scale architecture enables a single Recovery Appliance to manage the data protection requirements of thousands of databases, avoiding the cost and complexity of disparate backup systems.

Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance tightly integrates advanced data protection technologies with Oracle Database to address these challenges head-on. The Zero Data Loss Recover Appliance

  1. Eliminates Data loss: Unique database integration enables continuous transport of redo data to the appliance, providing real-time protection for the most recent transactions so that databases can be restored without data loss.
  2. Enables restore to any point in time: The database change data stored on the Appliance can be used to create virtual full database copies at any desired point in time.
  3. Protects data from disasters: The Recovery Appliance can replicate data in real time to a remote Recovery Appliance or to Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service to protect business data from site outages.

Laura Dubois, Program Vice President for IDC’s Storage practice also adds, “Enterprises need to protect vital data for their critical business applications in real time without the downtime or data loss often experienced when using today’s solutions traditional approaches,”

Dubois ends, “The Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance meets this demand with a simple, yet powerful solution that easily scales to protect databases enterprise-wide and meet ever-stringent recovery point objectives.”

Author: Terry KS

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