Oracle Introduced Oracle Cloud Adapters to Simplify Integration Between Cloud and On-Premise Applications

Jan 20, 2014 (Mon): Oracle Corporation, the world’s leading IT solution provider, today announced that the introduction of Oracle Cloud Adapters, building on its 300+ standards-based integration adapters, to help organizations easily integrate applications regardless of deployment location – in the cloud or on premise.

This unified integration approach between on-premises and cloud applications reduces time, cost and complexity of application integration projects. It helps customers lower total cost of ownership by simplifying integration, consolidating toolkits and reducing maintenance costs.

Demed L’Her, vice president of product management, Oracle said, “With Oracle Cloud Adapters, Oracle has extended our commitment to simplifying and securing key applications by unifying the integration experience between cloud and on-premises applications. Oracle will continue to release additional out-of-the-box adapters with Oracle SOA Suite to help customers better connect to cloud applications.”

Supported by Oracle SOA Suite, the industry’s most complete and unified application integration solution, Oracle Cloud Adaptor also enables securely exchange data between Oracle SOA Suite and

“Oracle Cloud Adapter for is a ‘game changer’ addition to Oracle’s comprehensive set of integration adapters,” said Matt Wright, CTO, Rubicon Red, and Oracle Gold Partner. “There is no longer a need for separate integration approaches for cloud applications and on-premises applications. With the Oracle Cloud Adapter for, Oracle has reduced the cost and complexity of integrating applications with a simplified and unified approach.”

By dramatically reducing the number of manual and customized steps with Oracle Cloud Adapter for, integration development time can be reduced by half when compared to traditional methods.

“Until now, organizations have relied on a mix of integration tools, each focusing on either cloud or on-premise applications,” said Demed L’Her. Oracle Cloud Adapters minimize challenges often associated with session management, resulting in improved performance and increased efficiency.

Author: Terry KS

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