Open appointment booking platform launched

LOS ANGELES: Melian Labs Inc., a company led by co-founder and former CEO of Redbeacon, Ethan Anderson has launched an online platform allowing customers to conveniently book open appointment times at At the beginning stage, MyTime only be available for 500,000 services that people need in their everyday lives such as teeth cleanings, massages, auto detailing and haircuts offered in Los Angeles area.

MyTime integrates into scheduling systems that small businesses use, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, MINDBODY, BookFresh and more. As a result, consumers can view real-time appointment availability across thousands of businesses and receive instant confirmations when they purchase services through MyTime. If a consumer is unhappy with a service purchased at MyTime, he or she will get refund from MyTime.

It lists ratings and reviews on each business profile published in the platform. Besides, the platform also incorporates a concept called dynamic pricing which may increase or decrease the price of an appointment depending on demand for that particular time, i.e. offpeak appointments can be sold at lower price or sold at higher price at peak period, so the revenue of service providers can be maximized.

Author: Terry KS

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