Official Statement: FDM Addresses Security Incident and Takes Immediate Action

The Free Download Manager (FDM) team has responded to security concerns raised in a recent article and issued an official statement addressing a security incident dating back to 2020. FDM acknowledges the situation, assures users of their commitment to security, and recommends precautionary measures for affected users, while also resolving communication issues with Kaspersky Lab representatives.

20 September 2023 – The Free Download Manager (FDM) team is responding to a recent article posted on VSDaily regarding security concerns related to their product. In light of these concerns, FDM has issued an official statement addressing the situation.

In their statement, FDM acknowledges the security concerns brought to their attention and assures users that they are actively investigating the matter. They emphasize their commitment to transparency and the security of their users.

According to FDM, the security incident in question dates back to 2020 and was discovered through findings from Kaspersky Lab. It appears that a specific web page on the FDM site was compromised by a Ukrainian hacker group, which used it to distribute malicious software. However, it’s important to note that only a small subset of users who attempted to download FDM for Linux between 2020 and 2022 were potentially exposed. FDM estimates that the number of affected visitors represents less than 0.1% of their user base. This limited scope may explain why the issue remained undetected until recently. Intriguingly, the vulnerability was unknowingly resolved during a routine site update in 2022.

In response to this discovery, FDM has initiated a comprehensive investigation and is taking steps to reinforce their security defenses. They are also implementing additional measures to prevent similar vulnerabilities in the future.

For users who may have downloaded FDM for Linux during the specified time frame and from the compromised page, FDM strongly recommends conducting a malware scan on their systems and updating their passwords as a precautionary measure.

FDM acknowledges that there were communication issues that may have impeded prompt responses to inquiries, particularly from Kaspersky Lab representatives who reached out to them. Users who attempted to contact FDM regarding this issue without receiving feedback are encouraged to reach out again at

FDM expresses sincere apologies for any inconvenience or concern caused by this incident and reassures users that their digital safety remains a top priority. They are unwavering in their commitment to safeguarding user trust and have provided a link to their official blog for more insights on the situation.

For the full statement and updates on this matter, users are encouraged to visit the Official FDM Website:

FDM expresses gratitude for users’ patience and understanding and pledges to keep them updated as more information becomes available.

Author: Terry KS

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