Nvidia Unveils Next-Gen AI Chips and Software Innovations at GTC 2024 Amidst Intensifying Competition

Nvidia’s annual developer conference, GTC 2024, sees the unveiling of next-generation AI chips and software enhancements, reinforcing the company’s position in the competitive semiconductor market amidst anticipation for Chief Executive Jensen Huang’s keynote address. Despite facing challenges from rivals like Intel and AMD, Nvidia aims to maintain its leadership in AI innovation with advanced chip technologies and software solutions showcased at the event.

18 March 2024 – Nvidia, a renowned powerhouse in artificial intelligence semiconductors, commenced its annual developer conference on Monday, sparking investor anticipation for Chief Executive Jensen Huang’s keynote address, expected to reveal new chip innovations. The unveiling of Nvidia’s latest chip and software offerings at GTC 2024 will determine the company’s ability to uphold its leading position in providing AI tools amidst intensifying competition from rivals like Intel (INTC.O) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD.O).

Having commanded approximately 80% of the data center AI chip market last year, Nvidia’s market share is anticipated to face a slight decline in 2024 with the launch of competing products by industry giants. Huang is slated to introduce the company’s next-generation AI processors, notably the anticipated B100 chip, anticipated to deliver significant advancements over its predecessor, the H100.

While Nvidia is renowned for its prowess in chip design, the company has also cultivated a robust suite of software products. Monday’s conference is expected to witness the unveiling of a host of new software offerings by Huang, further solidifying Nvidia’s multifaceted approach to AI innovation. Earlier reports from the company indicated a substantial milestone in its software and services business, reaching an annual run rate of $1 billion by the conclusion of the previous fiscal year.

Marking a significant return to in-person events, Nvidia’s GTC 2024 is set to host approximately 16,000 attendees, signaling a notable increase from previous gatherings. Huang’s keynote address, scheduled for 1:00 p.m. (2000 GMT) at a Silicon Valley hockey arena, represents the largest venue secured by the company for such an occasion, underlining the scale and significance of Nvidia’s latest announcements. – ref: Reuters

Author: Terry KS

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