Not necessary all women like to shop

Do you agree women are shopaholic? I say not at all. If you are selling fashion clothes to women, you need to know why they don’t shop for more clothes:

  1. Their closets are full of clothes, how to add more in?
  2. The fashion trend changes too fast until they can’t make themselves to stay on top of the trend. Then, they prefer to stick with something is affordable for them.
  3. They do not know exactly what can make them look good.
  4. Busy working schedule keeps them away from free time to shop. When there is a free time, they prefer to spend time with her family.
  5. Shopping used to be how women socialized but now there are many more events and activities they can do for socialization such as go for Karaoke, Tea Time in a comfortable café and having a short trip.
  6. They’re dissatisfied with their weight. Facing the fact that they’ve gone up a few sizes can keep even the biggest fashion maven away from the stores.
  7. Spending money on themselves never felt comfortable, especially on something as frivolous as clothes and after they have kids.

by Raymond Chin

Author: Terry KS

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