Never let your credit card unattended during sport activities

Credit card can be as good as cash for your shopping convenience but it can be subjected to fraud and misused by criminals. You must safe guard your credit card against theft by keeping them in a safe place and never leave your cards unattended during sport activities such as swimming, jogging and gym training.

Credit card holders are not advised to leave their credit cards as well as other valuable items in the car which will be putting their CASH at risk. My friend had experienced it before. He left his card unattended in the car during jogging at one of the famous recreational park in Kuala Lumpur. When card found stolen, he called the card center (but not immediate due to hand phone also stolen) to report card lost and was told by the center that his card was misused to swipe for over RM5,000 electronic goods few minutes ago.

Here are some safety tips to guard your credit card from fraud:

  • Do not leave your credit cards unattended especially during sport activities.
  • Bank or card issuer will send SMS to card holder to alert for certain transaction. Please remember to act on it promptly if it is not in order.
  • Do update the bank or card issuer regularly on your latest contact number to ensure you will receive SMS alerts from them.
  • Remember to report immediately to the bank or card issuer when your card is lost or stolen or notice any unusual transactions on your account.

by Terry Brown

Author: Terry KS

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