N2N Reduces IT Expenditures by 50 Percent with Nutanix Solutions

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 February, 2015 (Tue): Nutanix, the web-scale converged infrastructure company, today announced that N2N Connect Berhad, a premier application service provider of electronic and mobile commerce solutions for the financial industry in Malaysia, has selected the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform to attain higher performance, flexible scalability and greater operating efficiency for its business. Using Nutanix’s web-scale technology, N2N Connect Berhad has enabled rapid deployment and faster provisioning of customer services all while reducing operational IT expenditures by 50 percent.

Due to the highly volatile nature of the financial stock market, N2N’s customers require robust and reliable online trading systems that can cope with unexpected high traffic volumes. Any system lag or latency during trading period will impact transaction commission and loss of business confidence.

Nutanix was selected due to its simple manageability and scalability both from an economic and performance perspective. N2N favored Nutanix’s OS, which combined compute and storage into a single distributed system, as the best platform to bring about greater efficiencies and scalability to its environment.

“Before implementing Nutanix, our legacy storage systems were plagued by maintenance and patch issues, causing our IT team to focus on managing 500 to 1,000 physical servers just to ensure our systems would continue running,” said Nicholas Chua, Business Operations Director, N2N Connect Berhad. “We were specifically looking for an alternative solution that would lower costs, simplify management and not sacrifice performance or stability. Nutanix’s technology is a game-changer that brings significant improvement in cost, scalability and performance to our business operations and much greater peace of mind that our customers’ systems can cope with any unanticipated and exceptional spikes in trading volumes.”

Due to the small form factor of Nutanix’s converged infrastructure, N2N saved a significant amount of rack space, cutting the number of racks it uses from 20 to only 10. This smaller footprint resulted in lower power consumption and reduced heat emission. In addition, the company is now about to rent its unused rack space, further maximizing income.

The Nutanix virtual computing platform integrates high-performance server resources with enterprise-class storage in a cost-effective 2U appliance. It eliminates the need for network-based storage architecture, such as storage area network (SAN). The Nutanix platform is fast to install, easy to manage and out performs legacy infrastructure.

“Businesses of all types can’t afford to count on unreliable infrastructure, but in the world of financial services where any downtime, lag or latency during a trading period has a significant impact on transaction commissions and business confidence, it’s especially critical,” said Lim Pun Kok, managing director for Nutanix Asean. “Because of its web-scale architecture, Nutanix gives companies like N2N exceptional scalability and flexibility to meet the demands of their business without fear of interruptions that can impact the bottom line.”

Currently deployed within N2N’s core operations, the company plans to fully leverage the Nutanix web-scale architecture and expand its overseas network beyond Southeast Asia and the Middle East to Australia.

Author: Terry KS

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