MYDCF 2023 to Premiere ‘Kisah Bawah Tanah’: An Innovative Animated Comedy Redefining Southeast Asian Folklore

The Malaysia Digital Content Festival (MYDCF) 2023, in collaboration with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), is set to introduce “Kisah Bawah Tanah,” an innovative animated comedy series. This franchise, blending Southeast Asian folklore with comedy, aims to redefine animated content perceptions and is poised to expand across various platforms, including TikTok, webcomics, music, merchandise, and web3, with the potential to create job opportunities in Malaysia’s creative sector.

25 September 2023 – Malaysia Digital Content Festival (MYDCF) 2023, hosted by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), is set to introduce “Kisah Bawah Tanah,” an innovative animated comedy series produced by Spaceboy Studio in collaboration with Animasia Studio. This franchise aims to captivate audiences of all ages while redefining the perception of animated content in Southeast Asia.

“Kisah Bawah Tanah” is slated to make its debut at MYDCF 2023, taking place from September 27 to October 1, 2023, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). This highly anticipated event will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to witness the fusion of supernatural folklore and comedy that “Kisah Bawah Tanah” promises to deliver.

The series embarks on an entertaining journey tailored for audiences aged 13 and beyond. Set against the backdrop of Southeast Asian supernatural folklore, it weaves in the everyday challenges of growing up, offering a relatable and humorous portrayal of two teenage undead skeleton best friends, Zack and Sam.

The remarkable journey of “Kisah Bawah Tanah” began in 2018 when it emerged victorious in the Intellectual Property Creators Challenge (IPCC) contest. With the steadfast support of MDEC, the franchise has achieved significant milestones, including a showcase at the Asian Animation Summit and winning a Malaysian Silver Award in Japan as part of the Tokyo Broadcasting Station’s DigiCON6 ASIA awards. These accomplishments have bolstered the confidence of partners, broadcasters, distributors, and investors, contributing to the series’ imminent production.

“Kisah Bawah Tanah” is not confined to the animated screen alone. It is poised to become a multifaceted brand, extending its presence across various platforms. Plans include exploring TikTok micro-shorts, webcomics, music, merchandise, on-ground activations, and venturing into the realm of web3. The franchise is poised to leave an enduring impact on both the creative industry and the hearts of its audience.

The expansion of the franchise is expected to create numerous job opportunities within the creative sector, further strengthening the flourishing animation industry in Malaysia.

Author: Terry KS

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