MRANTI Launches GAP 2023, Paving the Way for Innovation Across Key Sectors

Malaysia’s Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI) launches the Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) 2023, welcoming 20 promising companies from multiple countries. With a strategic emphasis on Medical & Healthcare, Agriculture, and Drone Technology, GAP 2023 aligns with Malaysia’s economic growth ambitions, while offering participating enterprises access to mentorship, real-world testing, and invaluable networking opportunities.

8 August 2023 – The Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation (MRANTI) has officially unveiled its highly anticipated Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) 2023, extending an invitation to 20 promising enterprises from Malaysia, Turkey, and Russia. This accelerator initiative is primed to steer innovation and progress, with a strategic focus on three burgeoning sectors – Medical & Healthcare, Agriculture, and Drone Technology. The alignment of these sectors with Malaysia’s ambitious economic blueprint underscores the nation’s commitment to fostering high-tech industries, propelling it toward the goal of becoming a high-income economy by 2025 and ultimately achieving a trillion-dollar economy by 2036.

“We offer GAP participants more than just an entry point; they gain access to our extensive network of industry experts and partners. Our ultimate aim is to play a pivotal role in nurturing a vibrant and sustainable innovation ecosystem, where ideas thrive and innovation takes flight,” affirmed Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO of MRANTI.

The 2023 cohort boasts a diverse representation, comprising 12 Medical & Healthcare companies, five Agriculture companies, two Drone Tech companies, and one from the Business & Financial sector. In addition to a tailored curriculum and mentorship, these companies will enjoy a distinctive opportunity to engage with Malaysia’s National Technology and Innovation Sandbox (NTIS), affording them the ability to test their products in a live environment. This real-world testing environment offers invaluable insights, refining their innovations for optimal market success. This strategic approach aims to cultivate lasting collaboration post-graduation, elevating their prospects in the marketplace.

“The selection of our core sectors was evident from the outset. The prominence of the medical and healthcare industry has been magnified in the wake of the pandemic, with remarkable technological strides within the sector. Concurrently, the discourse around agriculture has escalated globally, as food security emerges as a paramount concern. Notably, drone technology presents an exceptional cross-industry bridge,” Dzuleira elaborated.

The burgeoning emphasis on the drone tech sector in Malaysia is underscored by its substantial impact on the nation’s economy. Projections indicate that by 2030, the sector could contribute RM50.71 billion to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and create over 100,000 job opportunities.

“Our emphasis on drone technology is well-aligned with Malaysia’s leading position in the Southeast Asian Drone Readiness Index (DRI) 2023. The country’s notable readiness for drones has made remarkable progress, achieving an impressive 60% in the DRI. This underscores Malaysia’s unwavering commitment to accelerating our drone technology potential,” Dzuleira further emphasized.

MRANTI GAP has already left an indelible imprint on over 212 companies, facilitating a cumulative funding of USD 130.45 million through its initial six cohorts.

The overwhelming response garnered during the sign-up period in May for GAP 2023 reflects its esteemed reputation and appeal within the global community of innovators. The culmination of this programme is set to feature a dedicated session in November, wherein participating companies will have the opportunity to present their ventures to a room brimming with eager investors. – source: Malaysia Kini

Author: Terry KS

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