Meta: Metaverse Could Contribute $760 Billion to U.S. GDP by 2035

A study commissioned by Facebook’s Meta Platforms reveals that the metaverse, which includes virtual and augmented reality technologies, could add $760 billion or 2.4% to US GDP by 2035.

The report, compiled by Deloitte, identified possible gains in industries such as defence, medical, manufacturing, and entertainment, including video games and communication.

Facebook believes the technology will eventually replace mobile as the main computing platform. In a separate report, Meta said the EU could see an economic opportunity of up to €489bn ($538bn) in annual GDP by 2035, while Deloitte estimates the technology could add between CAD45.3bn ($33.88bn) and CAD85.5bn to Canada’s GDP by 2035. – Reuters

10 May 2023

Author: Terry KS

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