MDEC and Quurk Join Hands to Empower Malaysian Youth with Coding Skills through Innovative Gaming

MDEC and Quurk have teamed up to equip Malaysian youths with essential coding skills through their groundbreaking game, Pastopia. This innovative partnership aims to make coding accessible, foster creativity, and enhance technological literacy, potentially positioning Malaysia as a digital hub in the ASEAN region.

25 September 2023 – The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Quurk have entered into a significant partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a shared mission: to equip the youth of Malaysia with crucial coding skills. This collaboration represents a pioneering effort to make coding an essential skill for young learners while fostering creativity, critical thinking, and technological literacy through an innovative gaming approach using Quurk’s groundbreaking game, Pastopia.

MDEC and Quurk are embarking on an ambitious journey that combines education and gaming, paving the way for a unique pedagogical approach. Leveraging Quurk’s proprietary content abstraction framework, they have meticulously designed Pastopia to seamlessly integrate educational content and objectives into engaging gameplay. In Pastopia, each action within the game translates into specific, traceable, and tangible learning outcomes, creating a dynamic and effective learning environment.

This innovative framework within Pastopia addresses the challenges and complexities associated with learning coding. It serves as a conduit to remove barriers that have historically hindered youths and young adults in their pursuit of coding knowledge. Learners are empowered to explore their interests, fostering an atmosphere of growth and accomplishment that surpasses conventional learning methods.

Beyond their core partnership objectives, MDEC and Quurk are set to explore additional opportunities within the technology industry network. These include extracurricular integration, teacher training, outreach and awareness initiatives, enhanced learning resources, and community engagement efforts. These endeavors collectively aim to nurture a new generation of tech-savvy leaders and propel Malaysia to the forefront as the digital hub of ASEAN.

Quurk will be showcasing Pastopia at the Malaysia Digital Content Festival, scheduled to run from September 29 to October 1, 2023. Concurrently, MDEC is gearing up to launch the Malaysia Digital Expo 2023 (MDX 2023) in September. This six-week-long event will celebrate Malaysia’s digital economy and feature a lineup of international and local speakers and panelists from reputable organizations. The MDX 2023 will span various locations across Malaysia, amplifying the significance of Malaysia’s digital transformation on a global scale.

This partnership between MDEC and Quurk holds the potential to revolutionize the way young Malaysians acquire coding skills and contribute to positioning Malaysia as a digital leader in the ASEAN region.

Author: Terry KS

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