MasterCard Shapes The Future Digital Payment in 10 Ways

Sept 15, 2013 (Sun): In conjunction with MasterCard’s annual Investor Day, the company has shared 10 ways to pay in the digital age and how MasterCard is shaping the future of digital shopping and payments at the Innovation Showcase. Here are the ways powered by MasterCard:

  • ShopThis! with MasterPass – Imagine you’re looking through your favorite digital fashion content and see the must-have coat of the season. Through MasterCard’s work with Intel and PhiSix Fashion Labs, consumers will be able to buy products directly from Intel’s Virtual Shopping Experience – a fully interactive 3D virtual fitting room app.
  • Wearable Devices – MasterCard Labs shows how wearable devices are digital shopping devices — which will change the way consumers shop and pay for things and how merchants interact with their customers.
  • MasterPass by MasterCard – If you’re tired of entering the same contact and payment information every time you shop online or via mobile, this digital wallet solution can help. It simplifies the shopping experience for consumers by storing shipping, personal and card information to make digital checkouts much easier.
  • QkR – This popular app is being used in various ways to provide consumers with convenient ways to pay:
    • In-stadium – MasterCard is expanding this popular app to allow consumers to order and pay for food from their seat with their mobile device. Now in beta testing with Legends Hospitality, QkR will help fans catch every minute of the game at the stadium.
    • QkR Schools – This app means never having to hear “Mom, I lost my lunch money” again. It makes it easy for parents to pre-order and pay for school lunches.
    • Parkeon – Who knew parking could give such great rewards? Through this innovative technology with Parkeon, consumers can get coupons for local businesses every time they use their MasterCard to pay for parking.
    • Qantas Cash – This next generation loyalty card from Qantas Airlines makes international travel more convenient—from check-in to landing. It allows members to pre-load foreign currency to spend in Australia or overseas at any of the 35 million locations MasterCard is accepted. Even better – the card can also be used as your boarding pass.
    • Fuel Rewards Network – With gas prices fluctuating, it’s always nice to get a reward for filling up the tank. With this partnership, MasterCard cardholders earn savings on gas purchases, which they can then use to shop at participating grocery stores.
    • “Digital Food” – MasterCard brings food donation into the digital age, working to help transform the World Food Programme’s business model by replacing in-kind food deliveries with “digital food”. This allows people to buy food from local traders using electronic payments and gives them an important introduction to safer and more secure ways to pay.
    • Simplify Commerce – Simplify Commerce makes it very easy for merchants to accept e-commerce and mobile commerce payments, regardless of payment brand, in a matter of minutes, and provides consumers with the convenience to pay how they want, when they want.

Author: Terry KS

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