LOCUS-T offering E-Commerce Services via Interspire

KUALA LUMPUR: LOCUS-T, an internet marketing strategist launched its e-commerce services to its client using Interspire’ Shopping Cart which integrates with some of the most popular payment such as Google Checkout and shipping providers like UPS and FedEx. Interspire can be integrated easily with any type of web design and offers drag and drop layout customization option as well.

Customers looking for features such as pre-order acceptance, account tracking and customer registration enabled services will definitely find LOCUS-T’s E-Commerce service worth purchasing. Customers who need a shopping cart for online marketing will also be able to monitor minimum and maximum order quantities and will be able to use the Store Control Panel easily. These new E-Commerce services offered by LOCUS-T will enable customers to make the most of the email marketing features the company provides along with a host of other important features.

LOCUS-T also offers ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) compliant services out of Malaysia and works closely with market leaders like Yahoo! South East Asia and Google South East Asia.

Author: Terry KS

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