Kaspersky Lab Launches Free App for Secure Web Browsing on iPhone And iPad

Oct 24, 2013 (Thu): Kaspersky Lab is pleased to announce the release of a new free app to ensure users are safe while surfing the web on their iPhone and iPad devices. The new Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS is now available from the Apple App Store.

Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS, interface iPad.

Like any Internet user, iPhone and iPad owners can fall victim to cyber attacks which use social engineering techniques. The most widespread example of this is phishing, which tricks users into providing their personal information through the use of fake websites or mass mailings that use the names and logos of well-known companies. The user could be tricked into sharing their passwords to a social networking site, email address, Apple ID account, and more.

The risks are even bigger for anyone who uses a mobile device for banking and financial transactions. According to a recent B2B International survey, 38% of mobile device owners use their gadgets to perform financial transactions, while one in three users encountered phishing attacks that posed as e-banking services.

Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS blocks links to phishing sites and other web-based resources that can be dangerous for users. The new application can also filter content according to selected user criteria. This way, users can automatically block pornographic sites, material containing violence or profanity, gaming sites, social networks, chats, forums and more. There are 17 pre-defined content filtering categories in total.

Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS provides real-time protection from known and emerging threats thanks to data it receives from Kaspersky Security Network, which processes threat intelligence delivered by users of Kaspersky Lab security products from around the world. The new application is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 5 and higher.

Alexey Chikov, Product Manager at Kaspersky Lab, commented: “Quite a few users of Apple products believe their devices are immune to cyber attacks. This false sense of security makes it easier for cybercriminals to execute their plans. Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS protects users from dangerous content whenever they go online.”

Kaspersky Lab has solutions which can protect all kinds of devices – from smartphones to servers. This autumn the company released Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device, a key solution for home users designed for all Internet-connected devices: Windows and Mac- based computers as well as Android-based smartphones and tablets. The release of Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS brings iOS-based devices into this secure ecosystem.

Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS, interface iPhone

Author: Terry KS

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