Kaspersky Internet Security named ‘Product of the Year’ by AV-Comparatives

Jan 23, 2014 (Thu): Kaspersky Lab announces that Kaspersky Internet Security, its flagship home user product, has received the “Product of the year” award from the independent testing lab AV-Comparatives after it consistently demonstrated the best results in testing throughout 2013. Out of 22 participating products, Kaspersky Lab’s solution was the only one to achieve the top Advanced+ ranking in all of the tests.

AV-Comparatives selects the winners of its annual awards based on the total ranking of each assessed product during that year’s tests. Some of the tests, such as Performance Test and File Detection Test, demonstrate the capabilities of separate protection subsystems. Real-World Protection tests evaluate how good solutions are at combatting cyber-threats while using the entire repertoire of protection tools available to them. Kaspersky Internet Security had a solid lead in all the tests it underwent.

As well as announcing the top-performing products of the year, AV-Comparatives also present an assessment of the usability of each security solution that was tested. Taken together, these results enable consumers to select a product which combines reliability and convenience.

AV-Comparatives’ experts rated Kaspersky Internet Security’s user interface as “excellent”, noting that all important information and functions are clearly displayed and easy to access. The testers also reported that the application’s interface has been successfully optimized for use on sensor screen devices, such as hybrid laptops transformable into Tablet PCs.

“The independent tests conducted by AV-Comparatives and similar organizations make it easier for end users to choose a security solution as well as helping manufacturers to further improve their cyber-threat control technologies. This ‘Product of the Year’ title is yet another acknowledgement of Kaspersky Lab’s leading position in this field. We are proud to be able to provide the most reliable protection to our users along with a comfortable user experience,” said Nikolay Grebennikov, Chief Technology Officer at Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Internet Security repeated its success of previous years. Earlier AV-Comparatives named the product among the best in its 2012 testing; in 2011, the solution also won the “Product of the year” award from this testing lab.

AV-Comparatives’ complete report on the results of its 2013 tests is available on the testing lab’s web site.

Author: Terry KS

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