Kaspersky Academy is Calling Next-generation Security Expert

Dec 13, 2013 (Fri): Want to meet some of the leading specialists involved in today’s dynamic IT industry, get a deeper insight into IT security issues, win cash prizes, connect with like-minded people and lay the foundations for a successful career in IT? Kaspersky Lab offers all these opportunities to students participating in its ‘CyberSecurity for the Next Generation’ conference. This international conference brings together students, IT security experts and university professors, and provides a unique opportunity to try your hand at real research, discuss current IT security problems and establish useful professional connections.

Participation in the conference is free – Kaspersky Lab covers all the organizational costs. To participate, all you need to do is send an application, choose a research topic from one of the recommended areas, hand in your project by the specified deadline, and then defend your work at one of the regional rounds of the conference that take place from December 2013 to April 2014. The winners of the regional rounds receive cash prizes of up to $1500, and are invited to participate in the international final in June 2014. But even those who didn’t win at previous conferences say participation offered so many benefits, including workshops and master classes with Kaspersky Lab experts, lessons in security and public speaking, making new friends and hearing lots of original ideas.

Applications are accepted from September 1, so there’s no need to wait! Find the corresponding round for your region, choose an area of research on the conference website, and get down to work! IT security specialists are going to be in demand for some time yet, so becoming an expert in this area offers very promising career prospects. To register and submit the papers, kindly visit, http://academy.kaspersky.com/cybersecurity/asia-pacific-and-mea-round-2014/.

The dateline for the paper submission is 31th January 2014.

Author: Terry KS

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