Industries in Malaysia with High Demand for Tech Talent

The tech industry in Malaysia is growing rapidly, resulting in increased demand for tech talent. Industries such as banks and financial institutions, telecommunications, IT, industrial and manufacturing, marketing and advertising, retail, and IoT/cloud computing/cybersecurity services are experiencing high demand for tech professionals. To address the shortage, companies are urged to identify hidden talent, upskill or reskill employees, and leverage platforms like JobStreet to find the best candidates.

14 July 2023 – As the tech industry in Malaysia continues to expand and influence various aspects of daily life, the demand for tech talent is on the rise. The accelerating progress of new digital technologies and the increasing reliance on digital spaces have created a gap between the supply and demand for tech talent. To address this shortage, companies are finding ways to identify hidden talent and upskill or reskill existing employees in tech skills. Here are the industries in Malaysia currently experiencing the highest demand for tech talent:

  1. Banks and Financial Institutions: The fintech revolution has transformed the financial industry, leading to the adoption of digital services by banks and the popularity of e-wallets and digital payments. This has significantly increased the demand for tech talent in the finance sector, with roles such as cybersecurity specialists and data analysts being particularly sought after.
  2. Telecommunications: The impending rollout of 5G technology in Malaysia is expected to create around 39,000 new value-add jobs. Telco companies will require 5G Network Engineers, software developers, data scientists, and network architects to support the evolution of the industry and leverage the increased network capacity.
  3. Computer and Information Technology: The IT industry consistently experiences high demand for tech talent. The widespread adoption of technology in business operations, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has created new IT roles such as app developers and IT project managers. The increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) has also led to a greater demand for AI experts.
  4. Industrial and Manufacturing: Digital technology has revolutionized the industrial and manufacturing sector, leading to the emergence of Industry 4.0. Automation engineers and field application engineers are in high demand as companies embrace automation and seek to enhance production efficiency.
  5. Marketing and Advertising: The marketing and advertising industry has shifted its focus to the digital space, creating opportunities in digital marketing. Roles such as social media specialists, data analysts, and UX designers are in demand to execute targeted and efficient digital marketing campaigns.
  6. Retail Industry: E-commerce has transformed the retail industry, driving the need for tech talent. Web designers, SEO specialists, data analysts, and UX designers are essential to support online sales and the growth of the e-commerce market in Malaysia.
  7. Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Other Tech Services: The integration of technologies and the rise of the Internet of Things have increased the demand for IoT engineers, cloud engineers, and cybersecurity specialists. The growth of cloud computing infrastructure in Malaysia, with significant investments in data centers, will drive the need for tech talent in this area.

To bridge the tech talent gap, it is crucial for companies to utilize available resources, identify hidden talent, and upskill or reskill existing employees. JobStreet offers valuable data and insights on the tech hiring market through their report on “What Tech Jobseekers Wish Employers Knew.” Leveraging platforms like JobStreet’s Talent Search, which provides access to a database of over 5 million talents, can help companies find the best tech candidates to meet their hiring needs. – source: Jobstreet

Author: Terry KS

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