India-Asean Startup Summit 2023 Set to Catalyze Cross-Border Collaboration

DEWI Wealth Accelerator’s India-Asean Startup Summit 2023 (IASS 2023) is set to bring together over 600 startups, investors, and stakeholders from Malaysia and beyond, fostering cross-border collaborations with a focus on innovation and women empowerment.

20 November 2023 – More than 600 startups from local and international domains are poised to converge at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre for the inaugural India-Asean Startup Summit (IASS 2023) on December 12 and 13.

The summit, focused on innovation, collaboration, and women empowerment, aims to showcase groundbreaking ideas and solutions. Notably, the event anticipates the presence of 50 local and international investors, 100 startup hubs, accelerators, government agencies, and esteemed participants, including Startup India and Invest India, two prominent Indian startups.

Datin Malliga Subramaniam, Founder of DEWI Wealth Accelerator, highlighted the significance of IASS 2023 in fostering cross-border collaboration. She stated, “This summit will open doors for Malaysian startups to benefit from the Indian market, fostering a reciprocal exchange of ideas and strategies.” The event serves as a platform for Malaysian startups to tap into the extensive potential of cross-border collaborations with Indian counterparts.

A notable emphasis of IASS 2023 is on empowering women-led startups, addressing unique challenges and opportunities in this sector. The summit aligns with the global push for gender diversity and inclusivity within the startup ecosystem.

Indian High Commissioner to Malaysia, B.N. Reddy, expressed optimism about the summit’s potential to boost economic and innovative ties between India and Malaysia. He noted, “Indian startup companies such as Oyo, Perfios, Pine Labs, and Razorpay are now well-established in Malaysia and are exploring opportunities in the Southeast Asian region that presents a big opportunity.”

Highlighting India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem, Reddy pointed out that India boasts the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem, with consistent growth ranging from 12-15%. Presently, the country hosts over 115,000 startups recognized by the government, including 110 startup unicorns valued at over US$1 billion (RM4.7 billion).

The collaborative spirit between Indian and Malaysian startups was exemplified by Razorpay, India’s leading fintech player, collaborating with Curlec of Malaysia. Razorpay not only worked closely with Curlec but also acquired a majority stake in the company, emphasizing the potential for successful cross-border partnerships.

As IASS 2023 approaches, it stands poised to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and exploration of new avenues for startups in both India and Malaysia. – ref: The Sun

Author: Terry KS

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