How You Can Leverage Visual Search to Get Your Customers to Buy More

Mar 9, 2014 (Sun): Online shopping can be a pleasurable experience for shoppers, especially when they find that must-buy item. But when they can’t find what they are looking for? Absolutely frustrating – both in the eCommerce space and when those pesky car keys go missing. This is why a proactive approach to visual search and display is becoming more important for online retailers in the do-or-die world of eCommerce.

It’s all about visual search

In real life people find items of interest in an almost subconscious visual process. In a crowded room, we look for the faces, features, shapes of people we know. In a supermarket, we walk aisles and open areas looking for brands we recognise and items we are purposely seeking. In essence and in every circumstance people find things through visual clues like size, shape, colour and do this very quickly by scanning multiple images. That is how we are ‘built’.

Visual search is how we find things in everyday life – and online.

The typical ecommerce site does not replicate this process as powerfully as a bricks-and-mortar visual search experience. But where there are rules, there are almost always exceptions. In this case, a patented interactive delivery is the exception helping online retailers not only replicate this experience, but also increase customer engagement.

Show. See. Sold.

Show. See. Sold. powered by Thereitis is based on 10 years research into the way in which the eye-to-brain recognition (eye) and engagement (brain) functionality works. These findings have now been translated into the online retail environment. The interactive display uses a site’s existing image library to bring products to life delivering a more engaging presentation than has been previously possible online.

Black Milk Clothing’s interactive display by Show. See. Sold.

Shoppers can swipe, zoom, spin and filter a product range then click through and buy. Seamless integration means images and copy are always up to date and site owner’s can easily control what is displayed. Show. See. Sold is all about user experience across all devices from desktop to mobile.

This article is contributed by Shaylee Rogers, the Marketing Coordinator for thereitis Show. See. Sold. Interactive Display for Shopify. Learn more about Interactive Display at

Author: Terry KS

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