Hewlett Packard Enterprise Enhances Enterprise Connectivity with New Wi-Fi 7 Access Points

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has launched Wi-Fi 7 access points offering increased capacity, security, and location-based services for enterprise applications.

24 April 2024 = Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) has announced the launch of Wi-Fi 7 access points (APs), offering up to 30% more capacity for wireless traffic compared to competitors. These APs, part of the HPE Aruba Networking portfolio, also enhance network security and improve location-based services to cater to demanding enterprise applications like AI and IoT.

HPE’s new Wi-Fi 7 APs, designed with patented ultra tri-band hardware technology, automatically optimize the utilization of the 5GHz and 6GHz bands to eliminate contention between them, exceeding standard requirements. Mark Ablett, Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan at HPE Aruba Networking, emphasized the importance of reliable, secure, and high-performance connectivity in today’s digital era. The APs, managed by HPE Aruba Networking Central, provide built-in hardware support for various IoT protocols, eliminating the need for an IoT network overlay. With features like policy-based access control and Layer 7 application firewalls, these APs ensure enhanced wireless security and IoT visibility. Key features include increased Wi-Fi performance, enhanced wireless security, elimination of IoT overlay networks, support for IoT protocols, and precision location services. The HPE Aruba Networking 730 Series Access Points will be globally available in July 2024, managed through HPE Aruba Networking Central.

Author: Terry KS

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