Google Introduces Gemini AI Chatbot and Subscription Service to Rival Microsoft

Google launches Gemini AI chatbot and subscription service to challenge Microsoft’s dominance in the AI market, offering advanced features and integration with cloud services.

8 February 2024 – Google unveiled its rebranded chatbot, now named Gemini, powered by new artificial intelligence technology, and introduced a subscription plan to compete with Microsoft (MSFT.O) in the AI market. Priced at $19.99 per month, U.S. customers can access Gemini Advanced, featuring the Ultra 1.0 AI model and two terabytes of cloud storage, alongside integration with Gmail and Google’s productivity suite.

The subscription, dubbed Google One AI Premium plan, marks the tech giant’s significant move against Microsoft and OpenAI, as the AI subscription market grows. With competitors like ChatGPT Plus from OpenAI and Microsoft’s AI subscription for programs like Word and Excel, priced similarly at $20 per month in the U.S., Google aims to appeal to users seeking advanced generative AI capabilities.

According to Product Lead Jack Krawczyk, the focus is on users desiring powerful AI technology for content creation and complex queries. Leveraging its Android user base, Google plans to make Gemini accessible through various channels, including an app, the power button, and voice commands. The rollout of Gemini Advanced, initially in English across 150 countries, will soon expand to Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and other regions with language support in Japanese and Korean.

The rebranding to Gemini reflects Google’s evolved AI strategy, transitioning from the previous Bard era to a new phase of innovation and user engagement. Users can enjoy a two-month trial of Gemini Advanced, highlighting Google’s commitment to democratizing access to advanced AI technologies. – ref: Reuters

Author: Terry KS

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