GoDaddy Offers Pre-registrations on New Domain Name Extensions

Nov 11, 2013 (Mon): GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar has become the first registrar to sell pre-registrations on the new, ICANN-approved domain name extensions, including newest extensions end in .UNO, .MENU, .BUILD and .LUXURY. It also works on more than 700 additional domain names which will be launched over the next 24 months.

The pre-registration process enables customers to advance to the front of the line when the domain names are made available early next year. After pre-registration closes and registration opens, GoDaddy will work to capture the domain name from the operator, also known as registry. When successful, the pre-registered domain name will appear in the customer’s account, signaling the request has been secured. If multiple people requested the same domain name, it will be put to auction for those competing in the pre-registration step. If GoDaddy is unable to secure the domain name, customers will receive a full refund less any application fees.

Author: Terry KS

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