GlobalCollect’s report says MMO game to reach US$14.9 billion this year

Netherlands (July 9, 2013): GlobalCollect, the global payment service provider has published “The Global MMO Games Market: Payments, Intelligence and Trends” based on based on GlobalCollect’s extensive gaming transaction data as well as data from international gaming market research firm Newzoo from tens of millions of transactions per quarter over 170 countries.

This publication reveals that:

  1. MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games will account for US$14.9 billion (RM47.8 billion), or 21.2%, of global gaming revenues in 2013.
  2. The Asia Pacific region (APAC), which is now the largest games market in the world, generates 36% of global game revenues, but accounts for an unprecedented 64% of MMO revenues.
  3. The top 10 countries by average transaction value in video gaming transactions all come from Europe and the Middle East.
  4. Consoles remain the largest gaming segment worldwide but will shrink by -1% this year. Mobile gaming will see the biggest growth (+35%) followed by the MMO games market which will grow by +14%

Author: Terry KS

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