GASH PLUS Accelerates Global Expansion with CyberSource Fraud Management Expertise

Dec 11, 2013 (Wed): CyberSource, a Visa company and one of the world’s largest providers of eCommerce payment management services, has announced a partnership with GASH PLUS (GASH+), one of Asia Pacific’s leading platforms for the digital entertainment industry. By leveraging CyberSource’s payment management platform, including its fraud management expertise and CyberSource Decision Manager, GASH+ will now be able to strengthen its fraud management capabilities across its digital gaming services platform to help accelerate global expansion.

According to a recent study, Asia’s games market is the world’s largest at 36 percent of the global market share. In addition, the global online gaming market is expected to grow from US$63 billion in 2012 to US$79 billion in 2017. Businesses looking to extend their international reach will need to effectively streamline and perfect their online fraud management.

GASH+, part of online gaming company Gamania, provides content publishers (CPs) with a platform of over 4,000 servers, using Gamania IDC Host Service to distribute and monetize their titles. With over a thousand CP game titles and 14 million users in Taiwan, enabling secure international credit card acceptance will lead to higher convenience for their customers and enable sales across Asia Pacific and Europe.

To instill confidence in the use of card payments online, GASH+ needed to demonstrate its ability to identify potential fraudulent transactions during the screening process. As a result of this strategic direction, the company will deploy CyberSource’s fraud management tool, Decision Manager, and engage CyberSource Managed Risk Services to leverage its expertise in tailoring global fraud management strategies. CyberSource Managed Risk Services, which has offices throughout the world, provides global fraud expertise, which aligned with the company’s market expansion plans to safely accept more international transactions.

“As we expand to North America and other new regions, we need a secure and reliable electronic payment system. Our customers’ demand for convenience and safety and their ease of access to premium entertainment are our business priorities. This partnership with CyberSource will allow us to significantly reduce any possible risks from international payment acceptance by improving the accuracy and efficiency of fraud management. With the implementation of Decision Manager, we are confident of detecting fraud effectively and more accurately for all our customers,” Hank Su, Chief Operating Officer, GASH+.

CyberSource Decision Manager features the World’s Largest Fraud Detection Radar, which empowers merchants to pinpoint fraud faster, more accurately and with less manual intervention. Data insights are derived via sophisticated modeling of more than 60 billion transactions Visa and CyberSource process annually worldwide, including transactions across multiple payment types and sales channels, spanning online, call center, mobile and point-of-sale (POS). The transaction data is supplemented by detector tests and time-tested statistical risk models, which can be further localized by region to further expand the depth and breadth of transaction pattern visibility.

“At CyberSource, we seek to enable our customers to innovate, grow and reach their target markets faster with greater confidence and sales success. We are delighted to work with GASH+ to help the company succeed in its business expansion strategy in the fast-growing digital entertainment industry,” said Poon Khye Wei, Regional Director, Greater China & Korea, CyberSource. “As this industry continues to evolve with different models of gaming and increased cross-border interactions, robust fraud management strategies will continue to be a critical factor for success.”

Author: Terry KS

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