Fortinet: Government should focus more in development of knowledge workers

As reported earlier on the one-off-rebate of RM200 for the purchase of one unit of 3G smartphone announced by Malaysia Prime Minister in the Budget 2013 recently, the Regional Director, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong of Fortinet, Dato’ Sri George Chang commented that the government should consider the measures to facilitate the long-term adoption of the smart phones besides the rebate, such as upgrade the telecommunication networks for higher data traffic, encourage the creation of more mobile content and deploy the necessary security measures to deter higher incidences of cyber-crime.

“More emphasis must also be placed on the continuous development of knowledge workers. In this regard, Fortinet’s R&D and technical support team in Kuala Lumpur, as well as our collaboration with CyberSecurity Malaysia, can play a significant role in helping the appropriate authorities train and upgrade local ICT professionals,” Chang said.

He also pointed that ICT is the key backbone in driving the growth of the country and the government should drive and promotes innovation through R&D.

by Alice Lee

Author: Terry KS

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