FOMO Pay Partners with Notabene to Elevate Compliance Capabilities and Strengthen Security for Digital Asset Transactions

FOMO Pay has formed a strategic partnership with Notabene to enhance its compliance capabilities for digital asset transactions. This collaboration bolsters FOMO Pay’s commitment to regulatory adherence and customer data security.

29 August 2023 – FOMO Pay, a renowned leader in digital payment and digital banking solutions headquartered in Singapore, has announced a strategic collaboration with Notabene, a pioneering player in end-to-end solutions for global Travel Rule compliance. This partnership underscores FOMO Pay’s commitment to bolstering its know-your-transaction (KYT) capabilities, underscoring its unwavering dedication to regulatory compliance and customer data security.

The implementation of Notabene’s comprehensive Travel Rule solution equips FOMO Pay to enhance its Anti-Money Laundering (AML) capabilities, further aligning with evolving global regulations. By obtaining “Super VASP” status within Notabene’s Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP) network, FOMO Pay stands as a beacon of industry standards, enabling simplified access to verified business data and fostering trust within the digital payment and digital asset landscape.

In an era marked by heightened regulatory scrutiny, FOMO Pay’s proactive approach stands out as it invests in advanced compliance solutions to ensure strict adherence to international norms. This partnership ensures efficient Travel Rule compliance, paving the way for secure, compliant, and seamless digital asset transactions.

“We are pleased to partner with Notabene and integrate their Travel Rule solution. This collaboration represents FOMO Pay’s commitment to strengthening our compliance capabilities in alignment with global regulations, enabling informed decisions to enhance our AML capabilities,” said Wee Teck Lim, Head of Compliance at FOMO Pay. “We firmly believe that our collaboration with Notabene will further enhance our ability to provide secure and reliable digital payment and digital asset solutions to our valued clients and partners.”

Pelle Braendgaard, CEO of Notabene, added, “We are excited to be working with FOMO Pay to enrich their compliance capabilities and ensure safer digital asset transactions for their clients. FOMO Pay’s commitment to bridging the gap between fiat and digital assets for business use cases is very aligned with our mission at Notabene. This collaboration demonstrates the significant impact of Travel Rule implementation in facilitating secure and efficient digital asset transactions to build a safer and more accessible digital asset ecosystem.”

This partnership cements FOMO Pay’s reputation as a frontrunner in secure digital payment solutions, exemplifying its dedication to elevating industry compliance standards and ensuring secure transactions involving digital assets for a diverse range of stakeholders.

Author: Terry KS

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