FBS Launches #TradersKnowBetter Approach: Prioritizing Traders’ Needs and Security

FBS, a global broker with 27 million clients worldwide, introduces the #TradersKnowBetter approach, focusing on trader needs and platform security. The approach emphasizes traders’ expertise and insights while providing secure financial services. To celebrate, FBS is hosting a two-week contest offering traders a chance to win prizes, including VIP analytics and exclusive merchandise.

12 September 2023 – FBS, a prominent global broker with over 27 million clients worldwide, is proud to introduce its innovative #TradersKnowBetter approach, placing traders firmly at the center of its mission. With a steadfast commitment to meeting traders’ needs and reinforcing platform security and reliability, FBS is set to redefine the landscape of online trading. To mark the launch of this new approach, FBS is hosting an engaging two-week contest on its social media platforms.

FBS has earned its reputation as a trusted broker by consistently prioritizing platform and transaction security, ensuring the protection of clients’ hard-earned funds. The broker’s offerings, including the FBS Personal Area and FBS Trader App, have garnered credibility and fortified security through a series of strategic measures. These include server colocation with top providers, the implementation of robust DDoS protection systems, FBS’s proprietary trading proxy Anti-DDoS servers, data encryption to ensure secure online transmission, and stringent ID and card verification procedures for every user.

The #TradersKnowBetter approach underscores the paramount importance of traders’ expertise and insights. FBS recognizes the significance of listening to customers’ needs and endeavors to deliver secure and convenient financial services that traders can trust.

To celebrate the launch of this groundbreaking approach, FBS has announced the #TradersKnowBetter contest, running from September 11 to September 25. This contest provides traders with a unique opportunity to have their voices heard and win exciting prizes. Participants stand a chance to win one week of VIP analytics and exclusive FBS merchandise.

This new approach by FBS reaffirms the broker’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the online trading experience, ensuring that traders’ interests are at the forefront of its mission.

Author: Terry KS

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